Is it an Ongoing Struggle to Feel Good or Function Well?

Are you struggling with ongoing stress, a past trauma or a life transition that has left you feeling overwhelmed, depleted or stuck? Have fears, panic, sadness or chronic pain made it difficult to create and maintain healthy relationships, keep up with day-to-day tasks or experience success at work? Perhaps your emotional stress has begun to manifest itself in the form of physical pain or discomfort. Or maybe you are struggling through a challenging life transition, such as a divorce, career change, or new baby. Perhaps your teenager or your family is in distress.

Grappling with traumatic experiences, life transitions, or ongoing feelings of anxiety, depression or chronic pain can be deeply challenging. Watching your family fall into disarray or your teenager struggle to self-regulate or achieve success also can be extremely stressful. Whether you know the sources of your stress or find it difficult to pinpoint what is out of balance, it’s not unusual to experience periods of time when life’s challenges feel too overwhelming to navigate on your own.

Many People Experience Stress, Trauma and Sadness

Life can be stressful. We all are thrown challenges, and expected to navigate those challenges in fast-paced environments where there is little emphasis on proper self-care. When our outside stressors increase, it can be hard to calm and regulate our emotions. Our nervous systems are equipped to help us through highly stressful or difficult times. However, trauma, ongoing feelings of anxiety or depression, or too much stress can cause our nervous systems to become dysregulated and unbalanced. We can get stuck, and painful emotional and physical symptoms can emerge.

Therapy Can Help You Create Mind and Body Balance

I provide you, your teen or your family with a safe and supportive space to talk through difficult issues and emotions. Through my counseling services, I can help you identify, explore and address the underlying sources of your pain. Together, we can process past experiences and understand how they are impacting your life today. Past experiences create the lens through which we see our current life experiences. Developing a better understanding of the situations that have shaped who you are today often leads to increased self-awareness and self-compassion.

I also can help you identify any negative self talk or self-limiting behaviors that may be keeping you stuck and uncomfortable. Once you notice these patterns, you can become more forgiving and develop a more compassionate relationship with yourself. Self-compassion promotes a sense of inner peace and balance and can help you live a more joyful life.

In addition to traditional talk therapy, I also provide you with mindfulness techniques and other practical tools that you can use to soothe, balance and energize yourself. Mindfulness and grounding exercises send signals to the brain that promote safety and harmony. Depending on the exercise, they can send a rush of positivity through your body to help you either cheer up or calm down.

With the right therapist and a willingness for self-exploration, you can stop the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are no longer serving you. You can learn and implement new ways of thinking that promote happiness and balance. Even if you are feeling helpless right now, with encouragement and support, it is possible for you to work through your painful emotional and physical symptoms and create empowering change.

But, you still may have questions or concerns about therapy…

I’ve been feeling badly for so long. I’m not sure that anything or anyone – even a therapist – can help me.

Feeling helpless or hopeless is an indication that you may need help navigating life’s many challenges. It’s understandable that you may feel this way after a long period of emotional distress. But, you do not have to continue to struggle to feel good or function well. You can and deserve to feel better. With the help of therapy, it is possible to feel more fulfilled and more content. You do not need to do it alone. I can be with you through the entire healing process if needed.

I’m afraid that I’ll be judged by others or judge myself if I admit that I need therapy.

Most people who seek counseling services are not doing so because something is seriously wrong with them. Rather, these are people who are going through something challenging and have made the commitment to develop more self-awareness, balance and success in their lives. Also, oftentimes after an emotional event or a trauma, emotional and physical symptoms emerge, indicating that the nervous system is dysregulated. Therapy is an extremely useful way to work though this pain and restore mind and body balance. Also, sessions are confidential. No one needs to know that you are attending therapy unless you make the decision to share your experience with another.

I think that I could benefit from counseling, but I’m concerned about cost and time.

This is a common concern. It can be helpful to think about therapy as an investment in your current well-being and future happiness. I invite you to consider how long you have been suffering and how your emotional discomforts have affected your ability to truly engage in all aspects of your life. By investing in yourself or your family members now, you can alleviate the symptoms that are keeping you from living a joyous, balanced and empowered life. And, therapy does not have to be a long-term commitment. Although the therapeutic process is different for everyone, with a commitment to doing the work and making changes, you can develop the skills to navigate future stresses and challenges on your own.

I invite you to call me for a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and any questions you have about my counseling services and practice.


Jessica Oifer, MA, LMFT (MFC#54051)